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Client Feedback

We also want to know what people think of our training and now we want to share their thoughts with you.

What do teachers think? 

“Excellent programme for our young students to take part in. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. It covers a variety of the Curriculum for Excellence outcomes and ensures pupils are developing in the four capacities.”
Teacher, Newbattle High School

“I thought the whole day was excellent and there was a good balance of activities. Students were engaged and their speaking skills clearly improved. Thank you”
Teacher, Tynecastle High School

What do mentors think? 

“I have seen other trainers perform the same session and each time, I see trainers deliver quality content and are very relevant to the young people in each wave.”
Emaan, BlackCountry A8

“Led an effective day of activities, you could see young people being inspired by each other and the trainer.”
David, BAM A8

“Fantastic! Saw a remarkable growth in confidence, ability and self. A positive challenge.”
Nicholas, STORM B5

What do young people think?

“That helped me a lot! I’ve got a lot of stuff to say but I just didn’t know how to say it.”
Participant, The Prince’s Trust Scotland

“Excellent quality. Thank you – you have given me more confidence to face a lifetime fear.”
Participant, CVS Training Initative, Scotland


Participant Quote

I found the Speakers Trust Level workshop incredibly helpful. Even though the course was only one day, it transformed my confidence and skills through intense practice and expert guidance.

Vicky Fobel

Top Ten Tips

4) Keep It Simple

Communication is about connecting and sharing – tailor your speech to your audience so they can relate to what you are saying.

Recent Clients

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