Young People:
Interview Skills Workshop

Whether for have a college, university or job interview, this workshop ensures every prospective interviewee puts their best foot forward. After all, there’s only one chance to make a good first impression.

Led by one of our professional public speaking trainers, participants will be encouraged to think about the position they are applying for and how to tailor their responses. In mock interviews, you’ll learn how to answer unanticipated questions and gain the confidence you need to go for a position – and to get it!

This intensive one day workshop can be tailored for all ages and all levels of experience.

You’ll learn to:

– Keep on top of your nerves

– Understand what your body language says about you

– Make the best first impression possible

– Think fast and answer new questions with confidence

Key Facts:

– Great for all ages and and levels of experience

– Max. 20 participants for 2 hours or 3 hours of training

– Max. 25 participants for a full day of training

– This specific training can be delivered at our office; however, if you already have a group who want to take part, we’ll come to you

– Up to 20 young people can take part per workshop


Here’s an information sheet about this training. If you have any questions regarding the training or how to book, please call us on 0845 862 0444 or send us your details


Participant Quote

Some things we all know about but never act upon. This was excellent practise and the feedback incredibly valuable.

Barbara Marino
University of Westminster

Top Ten Tips

9) Tell a Story

Help your audience to visualise, empathise and remember.  Use a story to build emotion and understanding.

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