Training for Young People

Many young people take to public speaking like a fish to water. But what about when they need to talk about a specific topic, present a complex idea, speak in front of adults or in a formal situation?

We’ve helped thousands of students to get better grades, earn a place at university, secure their first job, deliver impactful speeches, win debates and play more active roles in their community. Our training is perfect for helping young people to develop the life skill of speaking publicly, confidently and clearly to get their voice heard.

Our training works in line with the national curriculum (England) and covers the four capacities in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Find out which training is right for you…

Option 1

‘Speak Up Speak Out’

– Develop confidence in speaking through fun games and exercises

– All levels welcome; there’s always room for improvement

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Option 2

Interview Skills

– Perfect for school, sixth form, college or university students ready to take their next step

– Give yourself the advantage of training and practice

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Option 3

Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge!

– Exceptional training available to Year 10 students in London and Essex

– Be part of a London-wide speaking competition

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If you have any questions about our training, we’d love to hear from you. You can call us on 0207 922 7902 or email

Participant Quote

I came into the workshop nervous and unwilling – now I don’t want to stop speaking.

Workshop Perticipant
Raines Foundation

Top Ten Tips

10) Remember to Breathe

Always remember to breathe from the abdomen – this will relax you and stop you panicking.

Recent Clients

The Gateway Academy
South Bristol Youth
Bishop Thomas Grant School
Albyn School