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Here at Speakers Trust, we recognise that teaching is a hugely rewarding and important profession, but similarly one of the toughest jobs out there. Teachers have to play many roles – the leader, the entertainer, the listener – but ultimately, being a chameleon does not come naturally to most.

We offer training for teachers in two areas: their personal needs and the needs of their students. Whether teachers struggle with engagement, confidence or control on a personal level, or find it difficult getting the most out of their students; we are here to help.

We support teachers on a personal level to:

– Engage their students with speech and body language

– Spark curiosity through voice animation

– Build self-confidence if they are not natural-born “performers”

– Vary the tone of the class to avoid monotomy and bored students

– Portray themselves as the figure of authority…

– …whilst maintaining an open and encouraging demeanour

We support teachers on a non-personal level to:

– Identify the individual challenges their students may face speaking out

– Create an environment where their students feel comfortable and safe to have a go

– Learn how to correctly give feedback and encourage participation in classes/seminars

– Create ways to prevent their students from remaining silent without pressurising

Key Facts:

– Training can either be delivered as a full or half day workshop

– Our trainers will come to you for an in-house session


To find out more or book your training, you can call us on 0207 922 7902 or email us at info@speakerstrust.org

Participant Quote

Very helpful tips and practice. Huge confidence boost! I am now eager to start getting better. Thank you!


Top Ten Tips

10) Remember to Breathe

Always remember to breathe from the abdomen – this will relax you and stop you panicking.

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