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Training for Teachers

Here at Speakers Trust, we recognise that teaching is a hugely rewarding and important profession, but similarly one of the toughest jobs out there. Teachers have to play many roles – the leader, the entertainer, the listener – but ultimately, being a chameleon does not come naturally to most.

We offer training for teachers in two areas: their personal needs and the needs of their students. Whether teachers struggle with engagement, confidence or control on a personal level, or find it difficult getting the most out of their students; we are here to help.

We support teachers on a personal level to:

– Engage their students with speech and body language

– Spark curiosity through voice animation

– Build self-confidence if they are not natural-born “performers”

– Vary the tone of the class to avoid monotomy and bored students

– Portray themselves as the figure of authority…

– …whilst maintaining an open and encouraging demeanour

We support teachers on a non-personal level to:

– Identify the individual challenges their students may face speaking out

– Create an environment where their students feel comfortable and safe to have a go

– Learn how to correctly give feedback and encourage participation in classes/seminars

– Create ways to prevent their students from remaining silent without pressurising

Key Facts:

– Training can either be delivered as a full or half day workshop

– Our trainers will come to you for an in-house session


To find out more or book your training, you can call us on 0207 922 7902 or email us at info@speakerstrust.org

Participant Quote

Brilliant, so encouraging!!! Great tips, I feel a lot more confident now. A great opportunity – I would recommend it to anyone.

Workshop Participant
Barnet EBP

Top Ten Tips

8) Practise Practise Practise

‘Practise makes perfect’ so give yourself the best chance of impressing your audience. Try out your speech in front of friends, family, in your head or in front of a mirror.

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