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‘Speak Up Speak Out’

Essential Communication Skills

We all need to be heard. At every stage of our lives we need to communicate – at work and at home, in meetings, at interviews or out in the community. Nerves may never disappear completely, but it is possible to get the ‘butterflies flying in formation’.

‘Speak Up Speak Out’ training is a one-day training course in a safe and supportive environment. Practical exercises will help to develop self-confidence and trust in the speaking process. There is nothing more empowering than speaking publicly with clarity and from the heart. Whatever your level of skill or experience, this is a must!

You’ll learn to:

– Speak with confidence and clarity – using your voice for impact

– Think on your feet – impromptu speaking

– Collect and to use relevant information – structuring your speech

– Enjoy public speaking

– Understand and use body language to emphasise your words

– Receive group and individual feedback given by our expert trainer throughout the day

Key Facts:

– Available as a one-day workshop, 10am – 5pm,

– Lunch is provided

– Small groups, max. 15 participants for one-day workshop

– Training is delivered at our office

– The cost is £160 per person including lunch and work materials

– Training can also be delivered at your place of work if you have a group of people who want to take part. Please get in contact for a quote.


  • Confidence in Public Speaking increases by an average of 75%
  • ‘The teaching style was the best it could have been as it was encouraging and enthusiatic but not too pressurising.’ – Toby
  • ‘Very good, inclusive, made me feel comfortable in a supportive environment. Lots of techniques to take away and practise.’ – Robyne
  • ‘Really great. Supportive environment, lots of humour, great to practice speaking during the day and get constructive feedback.’ – Fran
  • ‘Fantastic facilitator! Really experienced, engaging, interested, supportive and willing to help. Amount of people in the group meant we all had a good go!’ – Nicky

Next workshops at our office:

Tuesday 22nd August 10am-5pm

Monday 11th September 10am-5pm

Tuesday 3rd October 10am-5pm

Tuesday 24th October 10am-5pm

Monday 13th November 10am-5pm

Tuesday 5th December 10am-5pm


To get booked in, please call us on 0207 922 7902 or download and return the Speakers Trust Open Workshop booking form to info@speakerstrust.org

‘Speak Up Speak Out’ Level One is our core training. When you’ve completed Level One, Levels Two and Three are available to help you really take your skills to new heights.

Participant Quote

The trainer was excellent. Very engaging. Gave the delegates a new lease of life.

Roy Robinson
Media Trust

Top Ten Tips

3) Structure Your Talk

Use a clear structure –  beginning, middle and end. This will help keep your mind focused on what you want to say next.

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