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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is exactly that – training designed just for you. Enjoy the undivided attention of an experienced and expert trainer, who is dedicated to you.

We’ll ensure you have all the foundations you need to be a great public speaker and then work with you on your specific areas for development. Whether you need to concentrate on your breathing, pitch and pace or focus on weaving storytelling into your speeches, individual coaching will ensure you get the maximum gain in the shortest time.

What you’ll learn:

– Vocal control and variety

– The importance of pacing

– Controlled breathing and techniques to control those inevitable nerves

– Effective content

Key Facts:

– This training is 100% tailored to you and your specific needs

– Work with one dedicated trainer

– Training takes place at our office or at yours

– Flexible duration, time and dates

– Particularly effective for busy executives


For more information about this training or to book, please call us on 020 7922 7902 or send us your details here

Participant Quote

Excellent training – the attendees haven’t stopped talking about it!

Jamie Cooke

Top Ten Tips

8) Practise Practise Practise

‘Practise makes perfect’ so give yourself the best chance of impressing your audience. Try out your speech in front of friends, family, in your head or in front of a mirror.

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