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Refresh what you’ve learnt with the handy video guides below. There are also some downloadable PDFs at the bottom of the page.

Video Guides from our Trainers

Opening Your Speech
Structure Your Speech
Main Body
Be Animated
Sound Effects
Being Descriptive
Maximising Your Voice
Be Yourself
Make Eye Contact
10 Use Vocal Variety
11 Keep It Simple
12 Pause For Impact
13 Speak From The Heart
14 Keep To Time
15 Practise
16 More Animation!
17 Adding impact to your performance
18 Opening & Concluding with Impact
19 Conclusion

Downloadable PDFs:

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I found the training enlightening and invigorating and loved the energy and enthusiasm Caroline put into the session

Training Manager

Top Ten Tips

10) Remember to Breathe

Always remember to breathe from the abdomen – this will relax you and stop you panicking.

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