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Our work means everyone has the opportunity to aim higher and improve their education and employment prospects. It’s good for the individual and in turn, good for our society.

We rely on donations from individuals and grants from trusts. By supporting Speakers Trust you will empower us to work with more people.

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You or your organisation could contribute to the work of Speakers Trust today. To find out how, get in touch with Julie on 0845 862 0444 or by email julie.holness@speakerstrust.org

Participant Quote

From a student who has not strung a sentence together for four years – what you achieved from him was amazing.

Emma Dixon
Claremont High School

Top Ten Tips

8) Practise Practise Practise

‘Practise makes perfect’ so give yourself the best chance of impressing your audience. Try out your speech in front of friends, family, in your head or in front of a mirror.

Recent Clients

Francis Bardsley Academy for Girls
The Gateway Academy
The High Sherriffs’ Association of England and Wales
Bishop Thomas Grant School