Speakers Trust is transforming

We are getting a digital makeover that will change the way you interact with us. Our new online platform will be more than just a website. It will be a platform for young people to speak and be heard.

We are working with Let’s Create to produce a website with two key functions. Firstly, and most importantly, our new website will be mission-driven, providing innovative ways for young people to learn skills and to use them. Secondly, it will allow users to efficiently book training workshops online or on their mobile with the click of a button.

Speakers Trust believes that every young person should have the skills and confidence to speak and be heard. Through our new digital platform, all users can benefit from e-learning materials, including training modules and videos, trainers’ tips and teacher resources, all developed by our expert and experienced public speaking coaches. This will allow young people to practise their skills and seek any additional advice from the best in the field.

The platform will be home to guest blogs, case studies and press updates. We will invite young people to share their stories in their own words, with monthly themes on topics which they find important. An example is “Speak Out” Challenge! competitor, Rosie, whose story about speaking out on anorexia inspired thousands and is now featured on Tes.

Our new website will be populated with videos and images so that young people can feel proud when they see their speech online. It will be a place for their views to be heard by anyone who visits the site.

The digital transformation will enable Speakers Trust to enrich people with skills beyond the workshop. It will give young people the online spotlight they deserve, shining a light on their talent and beliefs. It will ensure that more people benefit from our expertise through new and interactive content, and it will allow Speakers Trust to deliver their most efficient service yet.

We will be launching at the start of September. Stay tuned.

Participant Quote

The energy of the trainers is infectious!


Top Ten Tips

1) Be Yourself

This is your opportunity to speak up – your views, your stories, what you think should be done.

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