Six New Trainers Join Speakers Trust


Shola Kaye  

Shola is an all-round fantastic addition to the “Speak Out” Challenge! workshops as a Speakers Trust trainer. With a flawless background in public speaking, including presidency at Toastmasters International Club, presidency at Grosvenor Square Speaker, and the establishment of her own club, Speak Up Like A DIVA, we’re thrilled to have her on board. She shares our passion of helping young people find their voice, and her ten years’ experience as a school teacher are testament to her dedication to student development.

James Davies

As an actor, musician, speaking coach and “Speak Out” Challenge! enthusiast, we’re delighted to welcome James to the team. With a familiar face in educational charities and a wealth of communication coaching experience, James has the dedication and expertise to see him benefit thousands of young people across the country. Not only will he be an inspirational figure to students, but he will be joining Speakers Trust as a formidable team member, doing something which he is passionate about.

Edward De Gaetano

We’re thrilled to have Edward join us at Speakers Trust. Having worked with him before as part of the NCS Challenge, we’re looking forward to a continued and successful relationship! As the Programme Manager and trainer at a children’s educational charity, he’s well experienced working both with and for the benefit of young people. Edward has a Masters in acting and is passionate about inspiring others. As a “Speak Out” Challenge! workshop trainer, we’re confident that he will do just that.

Gabrielle Glover

Gabrielle is passionate about working to benefit the needs of individuals, and has developed her professional career as a trainer, consultant and volunteer. She has spent her time seeking to improve the relationships we have with ourselves. Having spoken at Inspire, Mayfair and StoryHouse, and having volunteered at IBM, Gabrielle has a wealth of relevant experience. She’s run her own public speaking workshops and has given her full support to several speaking programmes. We’re lucky to have gained such a dedicated trainer.

Jenny Stewart-Cosgrove

Having founded her own drama school in North Oxfordshire, Jenny knows a lot about helping young people find their voice. She is passionate about all young people being able to access their inner confidence, so set up a drama school that was both inclusive and affordable. Jenny has also worked as an English teacher and volunteer workshop leader for mental health charity, BlueSki. Her commitment to young people’s well-being and confidence is unquestionable, and we feel very lucky having her as part of the team.

Hari Kalymnios

Hari has been a Toastmasters International member since 2011 and has an enormous amount of public speaking experience. Winning his regional PSA Speaker Factor Competition, and becoming a member of the PSA (Professional Speakers Association), Hari is demonstrably a talented and dedicated speaker. He’s also dabbled in comedy, and has designed and presented his own online speaking courses, having reached over ten thousand students. We’re sure that he can bring a lot to Speakers Trust, and be an inspiration to all the young people taking party in the “Speak Out” Challenge.

Participant Quote

Excellent! I have had 3 lots of presentation training (including today) and this was BY FAR the best. Extremely well structured.

Barnet EBP

Top Ten Tips

1) Be Yourself

This is your opportunity to speak up – your views, your stories, what you think should be done.

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