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Surrey ‘Speak Up Speak Out’

PHF logo With funding awarded by the Peter Harrison Foundation, for 2014/15, we set to work delivering public speaking workshops to young people aged 12–18 in Surrey, with the pleasure of working with local schools, colleges and youth organisations.

After receiving training the young people vocalised their new found confidence and empowerment. Amber said:

“It made me a lot more confident, I didn’t think it was going to do anything but it really did, amazing. Inspirational, valuable and life changing experience.”

To see the programme in action, watch our video:

Participant Quote

All the young people left with the most tremendous smiles on their faces, and a real feeling of accomplishment – I’m so glad they got the opportunity to do this.

St Ivo School (Cambridgeshire)

Top Ten Tips

2) Eye Contact

Make regular eye contact with your audience, you will appear more confident and engaged with what you are talking about. But try not to stare at them.

Recent Clients

Harris Academy Morden
The American School in London
Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action
Ealing Teaching School Alliance