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‘Financially Speaking’


Financially Speaking






Thanks to a funding partnership with Citi Foundation, we were able to create and deliver a new specialised programme called ‘Financially Speaking’. Running from 2004 for eight years, this programme was launched in Edinburgh but, due to its immediate success, it moved on to London secondary schools and youth clubs.

This exciting programme combined the techniques and skills of public speaking with financially literacy. During a one-day workshop students were taught essential life skills such as:

– Budgeting
– Banking
– Saving
– Terminology
– Public speaking techniques

At the end of an enlightening training day, students would perform a speech of their own making, tackling financial issues that were important to them. Students from each participating school performed their speech to a panel of judges before a winner was selected. The Gala Final took place in the heart of London’s financial district.

Watch this video to see the programme in action.


Participant Quote

Feel very inspired and want to find lots of opportunities to put all I’ve learned into practice.

Dr. Sue Barnard
Tropical Biology Association

Top Ten Tips

4) Keep It Simple

Communication is about connecting and sharing – tailor your speech to your audience so they can relate to what you are saying.

Recent Clients

Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College
The Prince’s Trust
Featherstone High School