Our Funded Programmes

Our current funded programmes focus on the needs of young people. Employment levels amongst young people are rising and we want to do our part to ensure this trend continues. To do this, we collaborate with other organisations to give young people the life skills of public speaking and effective communication.

Our key programmes, NCS with The Challenge and Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge!, allow us to reach as many young people as possible across the country.

We run a series of workshops packed with fun and laughter but also contemplation and reflection. We ensure that everyone taking part in a workshop learns to articulate their thoughts, not just through language but also through body language.

But that’s not all – we do everything we can to enable people to conquer their nerves and think on their feet. All these elements combined create unforgettable workshops and develop skills and abilities that last a lifetime.

Don’t just take our word for it…

85% of young people reported their confidence in speaking had increased
85% felt more comfortable talking in front of their class
86% felt that this course would improve their career prospects
89% felt that they were better at thinking on their feet

Do you want to know more about our programmes or even fund one of them? Then get in touch with Victoria on 0845 862 0444, or email info@speakerstrust.org


Participant Quote

I’ve never been to a workshop before where I’ve felt so comfortable with a group of complete strangers.

Workshop Participant
Age Concern London

Top Ten Tips

9) Tell a Story

Help your audience to visualise, empathise and remember.  Use a story to build emotion and understanding.

Recent Clients

Royal Society for the Arts
British Youth Council
Feltham Young Offenders