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Our Impact

We continually assess the impact of our training. We receive feedback from every participant about our training and they often tell us it takes time to process what they’ve learned. Throughout a training session our trainers give bespoke advice to each participant. The advice could be as simple as making eye contact with your audience or just taking that moment to smile. These seemingly small improvements can make a world of difference, whether you’re in a job interview, giving a presentation or make a speech that people will really remember.

Last year, the Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) was commissioned to carry out an evaluation of training on Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! programme. The results came from focus groups with young people who had recently participated in the programme and from interviews with teachers.

They were asked:

1. What do young people gain from participating in the “Speak Out” Challenge?
2. Do schools think the programme is useful and/or valuable?

The result?

93% of young people thought the training should be part of the curriculum 
– 96% of teachers want to continue running the programme
90% of teachers thought students were able to better express themselves
90% of teachers thought students were more confident in group discussions after training
83% of young people believe the skills learned would help them when applying for and getting a job

Social Investment

We hear the term ‘social investment’ a lot these days – which can be confusing. In a nutshell, social investment is the provision of finance to third sector organisations that offer a social return. In practice, the benefits of social investment can be much wider.

Check out this helpful video the government have made a video to explain all…

We are a successful, socially enterprising charity that delivers its charitable mission through quality cost effective training. We have built up long standing relationships with funders and philanthropists and social investors. We are always excited about new opportunities to train more people.

Are you an investor who shares our vision and can help us expand our training in communities across the UK? Then we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with Julie via julie.holness@speakerstrust.org

Trustees’ Report & Financial statements

The Trustees’ Report and financial statements are prepared on an annual basis. They give an overview of the charity’s financial performance and position as well as outlining the charity’s key achievements and activities in the year. The accounts are prepared in accordance with applicable reporting standards and are subject to a full audit.

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Participant Quote

Brilliant, so encouraging!!! Great tips, I feel a lot more confident now. A great opportunity – I would recommend it to anyone.

Workshop Participant
Barnet EBP

Top Ten Tips

2) Eye Contact

Make regular eye contact with your audience, you will appear more confident and engaged with what you are talking about. But try not to stare at them.

Recent Clients

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