“Speak Out” Challenge! funded by Four Acre Trust

Getting the Public Speaking… from Shropshire to Rhondda!

Last year Four Acre Trust funded us to deliver one day Speak Out! workshops in every school in Herefordshire, training Year 10 pupils in effective public speaking.

Last year Four Acre Trust funded Speakers Trust to deliver a pilot programme in Herefordshire schools.

Each school was offered a one day Speak Out! workshop, providing 25 Year 10 pupils with training in effective public speaking. 13 schools across Herefordshire took part, and at each workshop one speaker was selected to go forward and represent their school at the Inter-School Competition. The workshops and the Competition were a great success and everybody who took part felt the programme was incredibly valuable and worthwhile.

‘A mega day! Totally fab! Highly recommend it to anyone lacking confidence or wanting to improve their public speaking.’
Student at Wigmore High School

‘A superb day: all students were motivated and fully engaged throughout. In their own words, they gained in confidence in public speaking.’
Teacher at Aylestone Business & Enterprise College

Four Acre Trust were pleased with the outcomes of the pilot programme, and decided that this year they would like to expand the programme.

Training will now be offered to over 100 state schools and PRUs across Herefordshire, Shropshire, Powys, Rhondda, Blaenau Gwent & Merthyr Tydfil and Monmouthshire, Newport & Torfaen. Each of the six areas will have its own Area Festival which will showcase the young people, their schools and the importance of public speaking as a life skill.

Speakers Trust would like to take this opportunity to thank Four Acre Trust for their incredible ongoing support. We’re thrilled we are now in a position to train more young people across the country and really get the public speaking!

Participant Quote

From a student who has not strung a sentence together for four years – what you achieved from him was amazing.

Emma Dixon
Claremont High School

Top Ten Tips

10) Remember to Breathe

Always remember to breathe from the abdomen – this will relax you and stop you panicking.

Recent Clients

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